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Brilliantly written, and bringing receipts.

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It's truly sad, isn't it, when those whom we reasonably trusted, supported and worked and advocated for, are found after all to have given up or sold out even their own apparent principles.

Whether it is because he lost his spine, gave in to lesser-of-evils beliefs and rationalizing, was threatened, or just got mentally weaker and lost his grasp of the nexus between the issues he now focuses on and American foreign policy, i certainly can't say. But whatever the reason, he became a shadow of the fighter he once was.

One thing I do know is that those of us who once backed and defended him were not simply mistaken. And he changed. We didn't...other than perhaps by opening our eyes a bit wider.

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Thank you so much, Birrion. Couldn't agree more with your assessment. Keep up the great work!

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