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The root problem IMO is there are people and cultures that feel superior to others. This, I feel, is due to most of our global “developed” countries being predicated on “competitive self-determination” vs the more rational “cooperative self-determination”. Prominent and current examples of competitors that feel superior to others is the US and Israel. Hitler and Nero are a couple historical examples. There are others but these two show the most damage from the competitive ethic: vanity, secrecy, coercion, corruption, anxiety, despair and chance. The negative artifacts of competing are endemic to any competition and encourages people to utilize these negative traits to “win”. Our court system is actually a well laid out and logical system but guess what is holding it back from working like it should? Competitive self-determination. One must ask, what other things deemed as good are also adversely affected by this competitive ethic? Science and democracy. Science is hobbled by the competition and just doesn’t work right while democracy is too because when did a competition ever use science or democracy as a necessary component? Not happening. If you follow this logic, you will gain new insight into the bigger picture and also be able to deconstruct with utmost accuracy any news story or ideological-political discussion. Game over. If you want an airtight formula that doesn’t need any “ism” to be effective or a solid path to intellectual self-defense, this may be the ticket.

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Birrion, once again, my applause and thanks for another well-done article. It's so helpful to have this important background information to point others to... something I'll try to do more often.

We're up against such a massive propaganda-and-censorship campaign, one with massive, seemingly unlimited resources; so every bit of information we can supply, no matter how limited its reach seems to be, is important. I appreciate you.

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What made them more famous, I suspect, were they were a Kolomoisky creation and the ones armed to go into Donbas and dominate that military operation to cleanse all ethnic Russians from "Ukriane."

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